External Reports

Burning Glass Technologies

The Narrow Ladder: The Value of Industry Certifications in the Job Market


Center on Policy Initiatives

2017 Making Ends Meet


Centers of Excellence

2015 Labor Market Report: Automotive Technicians & Automotive/Fleet Managers

2015 Labor Market Report: Aircraft Maintenance and Piloting Occupations 

2015 Labor Market Report: Motorcycle Technicians


Cleantech San Diego

2015 Annual Report

2015 The Hidden Challenge: What Lies Beneath Cleantech's Global Plans

2015 The San Diego Clean-Tech Landscape: Trends and Analysis


Cyber Center of Excellence 

2016 San Diego's Cybersecurity Industry: An Economic Impact Analysis and Workforce Study


Equinox Center

2015 San Diego County Residential Water Use Trends



2015 State of US Salaries Report


National University System Institute for Policy Research (NUSIPR)

2016 San Diego Craft Brewing Industry: 2016 Update

2016 San Diego Economic Outlook

2015 San Diego Economic Outlook

2015 San Diego Economy "Drought-Resistant," With Exceptions

2015 San Diego: Energy, the Economy, and the Call for Pause

2015 San Diego's High-Price Housing Strains Economic Capacity


San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

2016 Demographics in the San Diego Region

2016 Traded Industry Clusters in the San Diego Region: 2016 Data Update


San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

2016 July Economic Snapshop: A Summary of the San Diego Regional Economy

2016 Software Development: Driving San Diego's Tech Ecosystem

2016 The Changing Face of Aerospace in Southern California

2016  January Economic Snapshot: A Summary of the San Diego Regional Economy

2016 Talent: Where San Diego Stands

2015 The Economic Impact of San Diego's Research Institutions: Driving San Diego's Innovation Economy

2015 Aerospace

2015 Go Global: San Diego's Global Trade and Investment Initiative


University of California, San Diego Extension

2016 Emerging Careers for College Graduates

2015 Hot Careers for College Graduates


University of San Diego — Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research

2015 Annual Report: State of Nonprofits & Philanthropy in San Diego


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